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Reptile Ring is a coalition of the best breeders coming together to offer top quality, captive bred reptiles in an exciting reptile auction format.  If you like reptile auctions, you have just reached the pinacle website for the best in reptile auctions.  For the best in ball python auctions, boa auctions, reticulated python auctions and all other reptile auctions.  

About Us

Welcome to!

Since the beginning of the Reptile Ring we have had to turn down many sellers in order to balance our growth.  We now have enough members to start opening up a bit more.  If you would like a Seller Account on the Ring, we are now open to everyone.  There is only one requirement.  You must win 10 auctions as a buyer and then you will be eligable for a seller account.    The yearly fee will be waived if you participate and win 5 auctions per year.  If you choose to not participate in the auctions and only sell after you are approved, then you can just pay the yearly fee to continue your account.  The auctions can be from any seller on the site for any animal offered on auction.  

The goal of this site is the bring the reptile community together and allow breeders, buyers and sellers to decide how they want to buy and sell.  This site allows auctions, from the exciting, fast paced, overtime no reserve auctions to the more traditional reserve auctions and classified advertisements.  This idea started because of the success of the Facebook auctions.  My name is Jeremy Stone.  I have over Millions of views, likes on our site, social media, and affiliate sites including other breeders with high profile businesses that use social media running auctions.  What about the smaller breeder or the guy just getting started that only has 2000 or less people watching his Facebook, or social media page?  His auctions are going to have many fewer bidders and prices are going to continue to fall.  That is where the concept for this site was born, out of a desire to stabilize the market by bringing all of the buyers and sellers to one place.  Back when there was only one main marketplace we were able to see most of what the market had to offer in one place.  Now with Facebook, and other social media, people are so spread out, buyers and sellers are having more trouble finding each other.  Sellers interpret this as market weakness and buyers are frustrated by not being able to easily find what they are looking for.  Here at, we can run our auctions, unite the buyers and truly establish market prices in an equal environment, sort of like a worldwide virtual reptile show.  After all reptile shows work in a very similar manner to auctions, there is haggling and people adjust prices according to a more consistent market price.    

Animals have been sold at auction for hundreds of years.  In fact, an auction is the primary way that thoroughbred horses and other prized animals are sold throughout the world.  Works of art from Picasso and Rembrandt have been sold at auction.  I have always considered my creations genetic works of art.  Stocks are essentially sold at auction where the bid price and the ask price come together to make a successful transaction.  Many of us have considered our creations investments.  There is nothing more fair to both buyer and seller than an auction.  Everything is in the open and buyers, sellers and observers all see the transaction in a completely transparent way.  eBay has been utilizing the online auction for over a decade now and it has been a huge success. brings together these concepts to provide the first of its kind website for the reptile market.

The time is right for this new system.  I am willing to advertise this site on my Facebook and the sellers that either have very few Likes on Facebook or have never ventured into the auction world will now have access to a much larger market than they would if we are all separated in different locations on Facebook.  Right now, there are so many different auctions running on Facebook that buyers and sellers are becoming frustrated.  My Facebook auctions have been quite successful and I believe that this new way to buy and sell is here to stay.  I have only been frustrated with the clunky way that an auction is conducted on the Facebook platform.  Facebook was not designed for auctions.  It is a great platform to share photos and share auctions, but software is best capable of actually running the auction.  I have spent thousands of dollars developing this website.  I will be conducting my auctions here and I am now inviting other sellers to join me.  If this is successful in drawing a big portion of the reptile market, we will have a database of completed auctions to utilize for establishing true market prices for the animals we produce.  If it is not, then I will have a great place for me and my customers to conduct our auctions with a more friendly interface.  I hope you will join me and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me through the contact form. Contact for more information.